Can Dr. Jade Help Me With My Personal Health Issues?

Unfortunately not one-on-one, Dr. Jade does not work one-on-one with clients any longer. If you need help, here are a few options we have available:


  • Submit To The Podcast: When it comes to individual guidance, Jade does his best to read all of your questions and answer them on our podcast. It is completely anonymous so he won't mention any names but will answer your questions to the best of is ability. To do this, email with "Question For Jade" in the subject line. Our support team will submit to his que.
  • Work With Our Fat Loss Coaches: Our coaches are certified in all Metabolic Effect courses and certifications. Coaches will not be able to answer in-depth questions about health that you may ask your physician, but if your goal is fat loss, this would be a great option for you. You can purchase calls here:
  • Fat Loss Programs: We provide an array of fat loss courses that have solved issues for thousands of clients. They include:

- Menopause:

-Thyroid & Adrenal Issues:

- Fat Loss:

- Sleep:


- Workouts:

- Motivation, Habit Change, & Sticking with a Plan:


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