How Do I Manage My Subscription?

You can manage your subscriptions from the My Account page of our web site. Simply click on Subscriptions to see a list of all subscriptions and then choose the one you want and the action you want to take by clicking on the subscription number or the view button.



There you will see the recurring order and a button(s) to Cancel your subscription, place it On Hold, and Reactivate, depending on the current status of your subscription.



If you have problems cancelling your subscription, send a message to with the following information: 

- The subscription you wish to cancel (i.e. Craving Cocoa, Craving Shake, Workout Library, etc.)

- The email address you used to purchase your subscription


**NOTE: If you do not email in and simply "deactivate your credit card" our system WILL STILL CHARGE YOU. You MUST email in to discontinue a subscription. We will cancel the same day you email in if you email within normal business hours (9am-5pm EST)